Talk to local people.
Learn to speak more fluently.
Let them correct your English.
Ask questions about the language.

Improve your English with games and activities in our conversation club! 

practise fluent English culture speak Leeds

Choose anytime that fits your timetable for one-to-one speaking sessions.

get lots of learning

Visit them at home, go for a walk, or do any activity that is ethical and affordable.

just look for learning.

practise fluent English culture speak Leeds

Speaking English is a big part of learning the language. Our English speaking club allows you to improve your fluency by having conversations with English speakers. We also make it fun with range of games and activities.

Living in a different culture is a great learning opportunity for you! This is a very effective way of learning about English culture in Leeds. Our community is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds.
Our members are keen on either learning or teaching or both!

Youre participating in a socially responsible action!

You’ll be helping elderly people just by talking to them as most of our volunteers suffer from early dementia, an illness that can cause people to forget words.

“All we need to do is to make sure we keep talking.”
Stephen Hawking